Egyptian Sofia Al Omari back in plain “White” after a two-year absence

Published November 26th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actress Sofia Al Omari returned to the screen, after a two-year absence, to star in the Ramadan drama “Abiad x Abiad” (White x White). Her last appearance on TV was in the drama “Opera Aida” with the Egyptian actor Yahia Al Fakharani. 


The Egyptian daily, Al Akhbar, reported that Sofia has returned to the small screen to once again costar with Al Fakharani. She plays the role of the rich woman who falls in love with a man, transformed in her head as the long awaited knight and shinning armor. But to her disappointment, the man she has deeply fell for has already given his heart to someone else, leaving her with the unbearable one-sided love. 


The drama revolves around Yahia Al Fakhrani in his early 50s who based his life on the concept that everything is plain white. Narrowing his train of thoughts and beliefs in turn limiting his experiences in life. Throughout the series, he discovers that despite the fact everything is extraordinarily nice, he hasn't done or accomplished anything in half a century.  


The series tells the tale of Munther Ajroudi, who finds himself without wife or children, immersed in a daily life that is nothing but a grinding routine. As Ajroudi's life wears on, he finds himself one day implicated in a crime he did not commit, so he flees. Consequently, his life changes completely.  


“Munther Ajroudi does not wear anything except white clothes and he is extraordinarily clean from inside. He likes all kinds of people, and dear friend describes him as a man with a white heart filled with affection, sympathy and humanity.  


Costarring in the series, which was scripted by Osama Ghazi and is directed by Ahmed Saqer, Ahmad Budair, Ahmad Ratib, Nihal Anbar, Nahla Salama, Nilley Kareem, Said Zeyan, Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra, Hala Fakher, Ahmad Khalil, Sana Jamil, and Hadi Al Jabar. 


Al Omari participated in the World Women’s Conference as a Good Will Ambassador for the United Nations in the US last year. During the conference, Omari delivered a speech about Israeli violations of Palestinian women’s rights. – 

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