Egyptian TV Rejects Screening Film on War of Attrition

Published March 19th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

The Egyptian TV has not so far taken the final decision regarding the screening of the 20-million pound film Haet al Botoulat (Heroism Wall) which was ready for screening two years ago. 

The screenwriter Ibrahim Rashad filed many complaints of damages at the Filmmakers Association as a result of the ban imposed by the Egyptian TV on the film.  

“Parliamentarian Tayseer Mattar requested the Minister of Information to give the reasons behind banning the film. The minister reiterated in his response that there was nothing against the film in itself and that it was on the list of those films to be screened without setting a date for that. So far no progress has been achieved in this respect,” Rashad told the London based Arabic daily al Sharq al Awsat. 

He added, “the film features the heroic acts during the war of attrition in which the Egyptian military side inflicted heavy casualties on the Israeli side. There might be differences over the technical level of the film but this does not mean that that it should be deprived of being screened to the public. The final judgement should be left for the public. The late Air Force Defense Commander Marshal Mohammed Ali Fahmi personally supervised the process of scripting the film which depicts the construction of missiles wall by the Egyptian Air Defense Forces in preparation for October glorious war.” 

“I have suffered a lot from the ban on the film as this constitutes a moral loss for us and the generations to come who should know the heroic acts of their ancestor during the war of attrition. The financial loss incurred by the TV Corporation does not interest us because this is their money and they are the best to know about this affair. But what interests me is our need of such films at this time to shed the light on our eternal heroic acts,” the film’s director Mohammed Radhi said. 

Costarring in the film Mahmoud Yasin, Raghda, Farouq al Fishawi and Hanan Tork, Ahmed Bedeir, Khaled Nabawi and Nada Basyouni. 

Radhi directed two films on the war of attrition and October war, before: Abnaa al Samt (Silence Sons) and al Omor Lahtha (Life is a Moment) -- 

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