Egyptian TV Series Tackles Immigration and Apartheid

Published September 2nd, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian scenarist Abul U’la Al Salamoni has wrapped up the scripting of the series Zahrat Al Yasmin (Jasmine Rose), which addresses the issue of apartheid through a love story between an Egyptian immigrant woman and a black man. 

The storyline, written by Mohammed Jalal, is about the life of Egyptian immigrants, particularly in South America. It depicts the immigration journey and the Egyptian struggle to prove themselves abroad, confronting Mafia gangs and Zionist and Israeli extremism. 

“This is the fourth series in which I have cooperated with the Abul U’la Al Salamoni after Qissat Madinah (City Story) and Hikayah Bila Bidayah Wala Nihayah (Story Without Beginning or End),” director Ahmed Khader told the daily Al Gumhouriyyah.  

The director added that the series “is good and needs time and great efforts to prepare for properly. Shooting won’t begin before Ramadan due to the commitment of most of the artists and studios to other works.” 

Khader suggested that there were many actors nominated to play leading roles in the series, including Farouq Al Fishawi, Athar Al Hakim, Ezzat Abu Of, Dalia Mustafa, Mohammed Munir, Abdulla Saad and others. 

Khader has recently wrapped up the shooting of the series Hawari Wa Qusour (Apostles and Palaces) in which more than 180 actors and actresses appear including Nabil Al Hilfawi, Ferdous Abdel Hamid, Rania Farid Shawqi and Yousef Shaaban - 

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