Ehab Tawfiq in court for forgery

Published October 12th, 2005 - 06:36 GMT

A Cairo court is scheduled to make a verdict in the case against Egyptian singer Ehab Tawfiq, who is accused of stealing the song “Alamni Hubbak’ (Your Love Taught Me). Ehab is also accused of acclaiming that a different composer and poet other than the original, Mohammad Al Saed Mohammad Abdul Hai, created the song.


Abdul Hai, who filed the lawsuit against Ehab, asserted that he is the one who wrote and composed the song three years ago and Egyptian singer Tamer Husni was supposed to sing it, but circumstances changed that fact.


Abdul Hai added that he owns the intellectual propriety rights to the song and has it enlisted in his name officially. He added that he was in shock when he discovered that the latest album by Ehab held the same title as his song and when he listened to the song he discovered it was an exact replica of the one he wrote.


The composer is demanding a financial compensation of three million Egyptian pounds for damages caused by Ehab’s actions.


Ehab recently released a new music video for his song “Ya Salam” (Oh My), from his latest album (Your Love Taught Me).  Ehab gave the clip to a number of satellite music channels, like Mazzika and Melody to be aired, disregarding his production company ‘Rotana’s conditions of exclusivity.


‘Rotana’s conditions are that any clip produced by its members is only permitted to be aired on its satellite music channel, but Tawfiq ignored the condition in order to generate a bigger profit from the clip.


Ehab claims that after he had submitted his album to ‘Rotana,’ the company did not launch the appropriate advertising campaign for his release, which led him to launch his own promotional campaign with his business manger, including filming the music video at his own expense.


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