EMI proudly presents Tamer Hosni in “Enaya Bethebbak”

Published May 2nd, 2006 - 05:44 GMT

Earlier this month witnessed the release of the new album for the Arab pop star Tamer Hosni titled “Enaya Bethebbak” (My Eyes Love You), which sped to the top of the regional charts as soon as it hit the shelves at all stores like a rocket.


The success of the album has been significant as it topped charts across the region like in Egypt, Kuwait and UAE only a week after its release.

According to the new Virgin Megastores charts for the Arabic and the Mixed, Tamer is taking the charts by storm by leading big names like Nancy, Alissa, and Shakira and Andrea Bocelli on the international side.

The album includes 13 breath-taking Egyptian pop tracks spearheaded by the first single and video "Enaya Bethebbak" backed with a fantastic video heavily playing on different television channels since its release.  The head of the Arabic department at EMI is noted saying on the release, “This album is the ultimate album that this year will witness”.  

Every single track on this album promises to be a potential hit with very catchy tunes, unbelievable beats, and amazing lyrics.  It covers a wide range of genres from upbeat, get-on-the-table sort of tunes like Rayyah Balak, El Waheeda and Enti Elli Emelti to love ballads like Ba’eesh, Ma Yehremeesh Mennak and Ya’ni Khalas.  To top all of them are the 3 soundtracks never released before which are “Kol Marra”, “Nour Eini” and Hawsallek.

The album witnesses great collaborations with big names like Bahaa El Din Mostafa, Mohamed Yehia, Nasr Mahroos, Mohamed Hamed, Abeer El Razaz and many others.  Many of the tracks have been either co-written or composed by Tamer himself.

Now is a very tough time for Tamer when the world is celebrating the success of his album while he is being sentenced in a court of law and so much controversy around him.  Therefore, we pledge his fans and all that appreciate his talent to unify our call to free the young talented singer and ask for another chance for him.

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