Feasts Season Fails to Rescue Theaters in Egypt

Published December 26th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Albawaba.com - Cairo 

By Rihab Rida 


Mangers of theaters and casinos in Egypt confirmed that this year’s Christmas celebrations have received a big blow as the audiences of concerts, films and plays have decreased in numbers.  

But these managers are still hopeful that the New Year’s celebrations will witness large numbers of Arab and foreign tourists as well as Egyptians. 

“Revenues generated by the film Rihlet Hob (Love Journey) have drastically decreased to reach 1500 pounds only while revenues from the film Gawaz Bi Qarar Gomhuri (Marriage by Presidential Decree) have decreased to reach 2480 pounds only. These are very little compared with the normal revenues generated during the Eid holidays. The reason behind this decrease is due to the fact that the students are busy rehearsing for their exams which are due soon,” manager of Haram and Mina Palace Screening Venue, Samir Sadeq told Albawaba.com. 

Revenues generated from Gawaz Bi Qarar Gomhuri at Diana Screening Venue have dramatically and unexpectedly decreased to only 2000 pounds while they reached 3000 pounds at the Normandy indoor cinema. 

Manager of the Normandy outdoor cinema, Waleed Kirtam said that the film Zakiyyah Zakariyya Fi Al Barlaman (Zakiyyah Zakariyya in the Parliament) costarring Ibrahim Nasr, Aydah Riyad and Adel Al Far has generated reasonable revenues and witnessed some turnout by the audience different from other films. 

The film Muwaten wa Mukhber wa Harami (Citizen, Detective and Thief) screened at a modern venue in Shubra generated only 3200 pounds which is considered a very low amount while the revenues reached 7000 pounds at each of Heliopolis and Bigal venues. At Roxi, Rihlet Hob generated the highest revenues which reached 20,000 pounds while Karim venue witnessed reluctance by the audience to attend the film. 

Meanwhile, the Egyptian theaters recorded extremely low revenues with the play Body Guard by comedy star Adel Imam closed during the holiday due to the play’s cast travel to Amman to portray it there. Also the play Kidah OK (OK Like This) being staged at Zamalek theater has been postponed due to the play’s star, Muna Zaki, being sick. 

The play Eddalei Ya Dosah starring Fifi Abdo generated 30,000 pounds only. This is in addition to the play Alwad Mashhour Al Dabbour which has closed down for the same reasons.  

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