Film on Rushdi Abaza’s Life Depicts Egypt’s Artistic Milieu

Published January 13th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian producer and actor Sami al Adel has allocated a hefty budget of five million pounds for the production of a film on the life history of the late star Rushdi Abaza. The film was scripted by Fikri Abaza, the late artist’s brother, in his cinema-scripting debut. The writer inspired the film’s scenes from the memoirs, documents and records of his brother in addition to his own experience of living along with him for a long time. 

“I have not yet decided on a tittle for the film which I nominated the young actor Yaser Galal to play the starring role as young Rushdi and Mahmoud Hemaida to play the starring role as mature and old Rushdi,” Adel told the London based Arabic daily al Sharq al Awsat. 

He added, “I shall nominate Lucy or Dina to play the role as Samia Gamal who played an important role in his life and stayed the longest time with him as a wife compared to others. I am also trying to convince the Lebanese singer Nawal al Zughbi to play the role as Sabah.” 

The director revealed that he was negotiating with the late artist Farid Shawki’s family to obtain their approval for his character to appear in the film. This is, according to Adel, to avoid the objection of the family during the film’s shooting in view of the current dispute between the late artist’s heirs. 

“The film will depict a full picture of the artistic circles since the forties of the last century until the death of Abaza in the late eighties including the stars, events, coulisse and problems during that period,” the producer said -- 

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