Four vendors arrested for selling different versions of Dina’s pornographic vidoes

Published February 6th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Cairo police have arrested four men for selling pornographic videotapes of the Egyptian belly dancer Dina and the businessman Hussam Abu El Fateh. Three of the men were newspaper sellers and the third a businessman were all charged and sent to the Ajooza police station in Cairo. Upon the arrest of the men a computer used to make copies and 27 additional copies of the videotape were also confiscated.  


According to the London based Elaph, 19 other men were set free by the police department after it was proven that their only crime was watching the videotape and had nothing to do with selling it. It was also added that investigators could not yet find the real source behind distributing the tapes for they had no actual evidence on the perpetrator. Officials at the department announced that the copies found with the men arrested were not the same as the one the police held in custody, meaning that there are several different films made of the dancer for each film contains different scenes and a different wardrobe. Each man will receive a two-year jail sentence and upon completion will pay a set fine. 


Dina is hoping that Hussam will confess to their secret marriage in front of the Judge at the hearing for the lawsuit she filed against him for sabotaging her image and reputation. She added that she would clear her name once the acknowledgment of her marriage to him is made public. Dina believes that his statements are her key to putting the scandal behind her and going on with her life.  


Late last year rumors circulated that Dina had left Cairo-Egypt and ran-off to hide away in Paris-France after her involvement in pornographic videotapes was revealed. A number of videotapes were found in a businessman’s, Hussam Abu Al Fateh, apartment containing obscene and provocative scenes of her. –  


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