Ghada Abdul Riziq hostile but yet romantic

Published August 4th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actress Ghada Abdul Riziq is currently preparing to shoot the first scenes of her upcoming film “Waqt lazeez" (Good Times). Ghada will playing the role of very romantic young lady, who at the same time has her violent moments. 


According to the Qatar based daily, Al Raya, the movie is considered the second directing experience for director Akram Farah, and Egyptian actress Nelly Kareem and actor Mohammed Lutfi will costar alongside Ghada. Ghada has participated in many other dramas like “Ya Rigal ala’alam itahidoo” and “Mas'alat mabda'”.  


Egyptian actor Mahmoud Abdul Aziz has nominated Ghada Abdul Riziq for the female leading role in the new drama “El Fera'on al-Masri” (the Egyptian Pharaoh) after her success in her last role in the drama “Batta Wa Ikhwatha”.  


The recent circulating rumor about the quick divorce of Ghada, from a marriage which lasted only two months, has led the actress to disappear and become out of reach. The actress did not deny the rumor of her divorce and had simply turned off her mobile phone and ran away to avoid confrontation with anyone.  


The actress had shocked everyone with her divorce especially since she had previously announced to the media that her marriage was the best decision she had every made and that she was the happiest woman at the time. Ghada had gotten a divorce from Walid Al Tabi’i after being married for only 2 months. The actress refused to give any details to why she has decided to get the divorce stressing that the matter is very personal and she does not wish to share it with the public. - 

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