Ghada Riziq divorced after a two-month marriage

Published January 21st, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian actress Ghada Abdul Rizik has announced that she has gotten a divorce from Walid Al Tabi’i after being married for only 2 months. The actress refused to give any details to why she has decided to get the divorce stressing that the matter is very personal and she does not wish to share it with the public, reported the London based Elaph. 


On a different note, Ghada has come to an agreement with a fashion designer regarding a number of dresses and belly dancing outfits she needs to be made for her role in the upcoming TV drama series “Don Juan”, which tackles the life of the late Egyptian dancer Samia Jamal and Egyptian star Rushdi Abatha. 


Rushdi’s younger brother writes the new series, which will reveal new information about Rushdi not known including his marriages to a number of Egyptian dancers like Samia and Tahia Kariaoki. It was revealed that Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdo has agreed to play the role of Tahia despite the fact that the part is very little in the series. 


Ghada revealed that she is currently watching a large number of old Egyptian films for Samia in addition to reading all that has been written about her to better understand her role in the series.  


The Egyptian Censorship Committee had complained about one of the scenes in the Ramadan TV drama series series "Mas'alit Mabda" (A Matter of Principle), which starred Ghada Abdul Riziq. The drama featured a dance scene that is too seductive and intimidating. The committee stressed that such a scene is very inappropriate especially during the holy month of Ramadan and therefore they demanded that it be removed.  


It was revealed that a number of viewers had also objected to several other scenes in the drama played by Ghada, especially the scene of her in a swimming suit walking by the pool. Director Khairy Bushara, underwent his first television directing experience, after experiencing a long line of success in cinema production, in the new TV series "Mas'alit Mabda" (A Matter of Principle) staring Ghada. The new drama revolves around the issue of illegal weapon smuggling, terrorism, and the increase of violence in one of Egypt's rural areas.  


The drama also tackled an incident of killing tourists by some of the locals which lead to an outbreak in the community. Khairi is to begin shooting the scenes for the drama in October after the script and cast are finalized. The story is written by Mohammad Safa Amer and is to costar Riyadh Al Khouly, Abo Baker Izzat, Mona Shalabi, and Hisham Salim. - 

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