Hafez Heirs Sue Lawyer; Lawyer Sues Hafez Heirs

Published October 18th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The Egyptian Abedeen court is currently looking into a lawsuit filed by the nephew of late Egyptian singing legend Abdul Halim Hafez, stating that the singer’s lawyer Majdi Al Amrousi has never bought his 20% share in the Sight And Art company, which he ran with Hafez. 

However, the court is also busy replying to a counter suit filed by Amrousi, stating that what Hafez’s nephew, Mohammad Shabana is stating are lies. 

Meanwhile, Amrousi has currently acquired another 20% from the heirs of the so-called ‘singer of generations’ Mohammad Abdul Wahab; raising his own chunk to 40%. 

According to Shabana “it is not the right of Amrousi to sell his shares if he wanted to, since he got his shares as a present anyway.”  

Shabana added “as heirs to the company, we have the right to acquire some of the profits from its sale… We also do not agree with the position of the company’s headquarters.” 

“We have received a large offer for the sale of our combined 40% of the company; but we refused, because we felt that the company which tried to acquire our shares, the large ‘Hermes’ company, would not preserve its heritage,” said Shabana. 

Meanwhile, Amrousi, who has already filed a counter lawsuit, said “everything Shabana is saying is a lie. Because the 20% I own of the company was sold to me through an official contract, recorded in 1968 and it has an introductory paragraph, that is much more valuable than money.” 

“Abdul Wahab and Abdul Halim stated that the third party, myself, will manage the company from the day of its inception; giving it his best and utmost energy and also giving it much more than his job requires,” explained the lawyer, adding that “the two parties saw that I was the right person to fill the gap. Meanwhile, they gave me the opportunity to pay my share on monthly installments of 4000 Egyptian Pounds.” 

Amrousi also said that “I have all the papers to prove that I paid up every single month until the 20% were legally mine. The two partners also insisted that they sign every one of the receipts that stated that I paid my share for the month; which will put an abrupt end to what the liar Mohmmad Shabana is saying.” 

Amrousi also adressed the heir’s complaints on the position of the company stating that “the company is not, as Shabana says, based in an apartment owned by Hafez. He and Abdul Wahab has actually rented out the apartment in 1960 under a contract that states that the apartment will function as a company.” – Albawaba.com. 

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