Haifa Wahbi reveals wedding plans

Published October 30th, 2006 - 05:44 GMT

Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi revealed that she will be planning her wedding in the near future, without disclosing any specific details. The singer said her fiancée has the characteristics she has been looking for in a partner, describing him as the man of her dreams.
According to the London based, Dar Al Hayat, Haifa said her husband to be does not distinguish between Haifa the singer and Haifa the person.
He gives her the feeling of real security and makes her feel as if she can face anything as long as he is by her side, said Haifa.
The singer said she intends to have another child.  Her only daughter, Zeinab, lives with Haifa’s ex-husband.
Previously, Haifa was asked about the rumor of wedding bells ringing and she said that marriage is something that is determined by faith, and when the time is right and she finds the right person, she will gladly announce the news publicly.
On a different note, upon her arrival at Cairo Airport Haifa became enraged when a journalist asked her if she fasted during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
Haifa demanded the photographers stop taking photographs, and she faced the journalist and told him that she is a Muslim woman and has always fasted during the holy month since she was a child, as well as during other times during the year.  She follows the teachings of Islam, and during the month of Ramadan she becomes very connected with God, added Haifa. The journalist apologized to the singer for his inappropriate question.
Haifa held concerts in Cairo on the first day of the Muslim holiday Eid El Fitr, after which she returned to Lebanon to spend the rest of the holiday with her family.

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