Haifa Wahbi turning to the cinema

Published January 3rd, 2008 - 01:22 GMT

Sultry Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi just completed filming her new movie "Sea Of Love," produced by 'Pepsi.'


A number of other singers also star in the film, like Wael Kfoury, Carol Samaha, Rowaida Al Mahroqi and Ahmad Sharif.


The film is directed by Egyptian Ahmad Al Mahdi and was filmed in Lebanon.

According to the Saudi Daily Al Hayat, Egyptian comedian Saed Saleh takes part in the film, along with new talents Karim Mahmoud Abed Al Aziz and Lutfi Labib.


Haifa performs a number of songs in the film.


The singer is currently preparing for her new film "Akher Kalam" (Last Talk), written by Muhammad Hifthi and produced by Muhammad Al Sibki. Filming will commence after the New Year. Ever since Haifa said that she'll be participating in the new film, there were many different speculations on who will be joining taking a leading role whether its Muhammad Hamaqi or Tamer Husni! Haifa stated that the only young Egyptian actor Ahmad Al Fishawi will share the spotlight with her.


Haifa’s latest album "Sir Ghareeb" (Strange Secret) is ready for release, after it was postponed several times.


Haifa said it was delayed since she wanted her new album “to be special and unique.”

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