Haitham Ahmad Zaki assumes his father’s role

Published April 10th, 2005 - 09:17 GMT

Son of the late prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki, Haitham has been nominated to complete his father’s film “Halim” and will play the role of the late Egyptian singer Abdul Halim Hafez in his early years. The producers of the film felt that Haitham was the best candidate for the role, especially due to the strong resemblance he has with his father, in addition to his promising talent as an actor.


According to the Saudi based daily, Al Riyadh, director of the film, Sharif Arafeh is waiting until the mourning for the late actor is over to resume filming of the new movie, which in addition to the new actor, Haitham, a number of prominent stars from Egypt and Syria will take part in.


On a different note, a good friend of the late prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki has revealed that Ahmad’s entire fortune amounts to 130 Egyptian pounds only. The source added that the bank Ahmad used to deal with revealed that the actor had not placed one dime into his account and was forced to withdraw all he had in the past months.
Ahmad had withdrew his money in order to prepare for the film “Halim”, which he never completed, and had made several trips to Paris before he began his treatment and made agreements with two of the finest make-up artists.
The late actor had stressed to his son that he wanted him to become independent and not rely on inherited fortune. On a different note, despite the passing of almost two weeks on the actor’s death, employees at the hotel where he had been residing for 15 years are still receiving voice messages and letters of condolences from fans all around the world. 

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