Hanan Turk threaten to withdraw

Published September 1st, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actress Hanan Turk objected to the title of her latest movie “Banat Mallaki” and stood beside her colleagues Tunisian actress Nour and Egyptian actress Riham Abdul Ghafour, who also felt the title is inappropriate. The three of them threatened to withdraw from the movie if the producers insisted to keep the title. 


The movie used to be called “Mallaki Iskindiria” but Hanan and her colleagues were surprised by the sudden change. The actresses objected on the new title because it holds an inappropriate imbedded meaning. 


Recently actors taking part in the movie denied rumors stating that female actors are threatening to withdraw from the movie because of the movie's title, and stressed that there is no existence of any form of disputes just mere misunderstandings that will be resolved in no time.  


The movie script is by Mohammed Hifthi and the story revolves around three girls who try to trap visitors of Alexandria but they fall in love with three men who change their perspective of life. 


Costarring with Hanan and her colleagues are Ahmed Izz, Fathi Abdul Wahhab, and Mohammed Ragab. The estimated cost of the movie is 5 million EGP. 


Hanan had recently finished filming her movie “Dunia” with director and producer Josleen Sa'ab costarring with her is prominent singer Mohammed Munir. –Albawaba.com 

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