Hannan Turk prepares for her return

Published May 2nd, 2007 - 02:50 GMT

Egyptian actress Hannan turn has given her initial approval to star in the new television drama series “Awatif Mantika Ta’lemieh” (The emotions of an educated area), scheduled to be aired during Ramadan.


The actress had made her decision after turning down and postponing other projects, in particular nominations for a number of films, which Hannan felt conflicted with her wearing the Hijab, Islamic Headdress.


The new drama falls into a comical atmosphere and each episode lasts up to 20 minutes, but is not considered a sitcom.  Egyptian actors Hassan Husni and Lubliba have been nominated to costar alongside Hannan.


Shahira Salam had written the script for the film, but a director has not been decided on yet.


On a different note, Hannan has returned to her husband, businessman Khaled Khatab, after being separated for sometime. The actress had consulted with a religious official regarding the divorce and was told that she may return to her husband since the divorce she previously filed for was not officially completed.

The couple had been separated and were about to get an official divorce as a result of marital problems that at the time could not be resolved.

Khaled had previously stated that despite the disputes between him and Hannan, he would never divorce her. Hannan's recent disappearance from the spotlight fueled rumors that the two had split for good.


Hannan said that problems between her and Khaled over personal matters, which she did not disclose, led to the separation.


The couple faced many problems during their ten year marriage, but never divorced since they have two children, Yousef and Adam.


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