Hi-Tech Earthquake to Rock the Set of ‘Zelzal Fi Qalb Saghir’

Published August 1st, 2001 - 02:00 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

Egyptian director Tareq Issa is set to start shooting his new series Zelzal Fi Qalb Saghir (Earthquake in a Small Heart), costarring Fardos Abdel Hamid, Maha Abu Of, Ibrahim Yusri and Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, according to the Egyptian daily Al Gomhuria. 

The series, written by Salwa Al Rafiai, tackles the issue of a stepmother through the story of a family which is exposed to an earthquake. The father dies, and the mother gets knocked into a coma. The little daughter who is rescued goes to live with an old man who feels pity for her, but after he dies the wife takes the girl to an orphanage where a sterile woman adopts her. 

The plot gets tense when the real mother wakes up after a long coma and starts searching for her daughter. 

The director told the daily that the 21-episode series will take over three months of filming at more than 28 cites. Shooting will take place at orphanages, hospitals, police stations and other public places. 

“Although the earthquake scene takes only a few minutes, a whole day will be singled out for filming the scene, using high technology to give the appearance of a real earthquake,” added the director – Albawaba.com  

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