Hind Sabri accused of running away from taxes

Published December 3rd, 2007 - 02:55 GMT

Young Tunisian actress Hind Sabri is accused of running away from paying off her taxes in Egypt for the year 2006. Sabri will join the list of celebrities who haven’t paid their taxes that was released by the Minister of Treasury Yousif Botris Gali.

 The list includes a number of well known celebrities that reached more than 50 names. Among those who need to pay their taxes are: the Egyptian actors Mahmoud Abed Al Aziz, Salah Al Sa’dani, Haitham Ahmad Zaki, Mirvat Amin, Sowad Younis, Ahmad Hilmi, the scenarist Wahid Hamid and the director Isma’el Abed Al Hafeth.

 The Ministry of Treasury announced that the decision to prosecute was taken against those who did not pay their taxes, and according to law those who are on the list will be turned in to authorities and legal action will be taken against them. Their might be jail time and paying off a fine for those who have ran away from paying.

 Away from her taxes dilemma, the Tunisian actress has just finished filming her latest film “Al Jazirah” (The Island) with Egyptian actor Ahmad Al Saqa as the leading male star. The film is written by Muhammad Diab and directed by Sharif Arafah.

 Sabri made clear that she did not have any trouble mastering the Sa’edi accent “Heavy Egyptian accent”, because she thinks it’s very close to the Tunisian accent. The story of the movie “Al Jazirah” revolves around the latest problems that went on in Al Sa’ed area in Egypt that took place in the past few years. The famous well-known Egyptian actor Mahmoud Yasin and the new young actress Zainah will be joining Hind and Ahmad Al Saqa.

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