Hussein Fahmi, Psychiatrist on Small Screen

Published March 9th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

The director of the series A’elat al Hag Mitwalli, Mohammed al Nakli, has come back with a new series entitled Yaoud al Madhi Yaoud (Past Returns, Returns) based on a story by Anis Mansour and scripted by Raouf Hilmi. 

Costarring in the series are Hussein Fahmi, Mohammed Riyadh, Hasan Hasan, Mimi Gamal and Rania Farid Shawki. 

The series depicts events in the past and how they affect the human’s future in addition to showing that the past events cannot be erased from memory but come back with more impact on the situation. This is followed through the story of a psychiatric (Hussein Fahmi) who treats 12 cases. 

The episodes show the way the doctor treats his patients and solves their problems by living them. They also tackle the personal life of the doctor as a human being who faces social and psychological problems as any other ordinary person. 

Mohammed Riyadh plays many roles as a psychologically ill person with a special relationship with his parents and his inability to do without them even at the eve of his wedding as he goes to sleep with them as he is used to do since childhood. He also plays the role as Don Juan who strongly believes that every girl he meets falls in love with him. At this point many comedy paradoxes take place. 

“It is impossible to fantasy most of the psychological cases because they can be tested with signals. I tried to present a new form of TV drama within the framework of the series on the way of Bricht, the play German screenwriter who deals with drama by simulating the viewer face to face and pushing him as a key drama element—  

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