Jamal Salameh accuses a list of singers of stealing

Published April 3rd, 2008 - 04:38 GMT

Egyptian musician Jamal Salameh has filed a complaint against Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi.

 According to the London daily Elaph, Salameh accused Haifa of stealing the rhythm of a song that he composed, demanding the singer is banned from performing in Egypt until the case is settled.

The song, “Masir Ya Awal Noor Fe Al Donia Shaq Thalam Al Lail” (Egypt you are the first in the world to be a light through darkness), was written by Abed Al Rahman Al Abnodi.  

Lebanese composer Jan Saliba suggested that Salameh only filed the suit to get back into the spotlight and to try and make money.

Salameh is furious with Saliba’s comments and refuses to respond. 

Salameh has composed songs for many famous singers like Sabah, Samira Sa’ed, Fayza Ahmad, Safa Abu Al Soud, Yasmin Al Khayam, and Abdullah Rwaished.


Salameh claims that when he went to the Egyptian Opera House to hear the British singer Sami Yousif he discovered that Yousif had also stolen on of his songs, “LA Ilah Ila Allah” (There Is No Other God But God).  He claims that when he confronted Yousif, the British singer apologized to him.

The list doesn’t stop at Haifa and Sami Yousif, Salameh has also accused Kathem Al Saher of stealing the rhythm of his song “Zideeni Eshqan” (Give Me More Love) from the song by Lebanese singer Majida Al Roumi “Samra Al Neel” (The Dark Nile).

Salameh also stated that Nancy Ajram stole the rhythm from his song “Ramadan Ramadan Wa Allah Biodah Ya Ramadan” for her song “Ya Salam,Ya Salam”.

He also made accusations against Fadel Shaker and Nicole Saba.


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