Jamal Suleiman investigates murder crime

Published April 14th, 2007 - 04:53 GMT

Prominent Syrian actor Jamal Suleiman is preparing to film his first Egyptian film “Laila Wahida” (One Night).  Filming of the scenes will finally begin after a prolonged absence, due to the fact that many of the nominated cast and crew were occupied with other works.


Writer of the film Mohammad Suleiman revealed that the cast and crew along with director Akram Farid will all be present in Taba-Egypt for a few weeks to film all the scenes of the new movie.


The film is categorized as an action film revolving around a murder crime that takes place in a tourist area and will be investigated by Jamal, who plays the role of a criminal investigator.


Egyptians actors Ahmad Azmi, Randa Al Buhairi and Ahmad Al Sa’dani will costar alongside Jamal.


On a similar note, the date for filming of the scenes for the new television drama “Awlad Al Lail” (Children of the Night), which costars Jamal, has not yet been decided on. The drama series will be directed by Rasha Sharbatji, who is currently seeking a scriptwriter to complete writing the remaining episodes after the previous scriptwriter Samah Al Hariri backed out.


Recently, Jamal played the leading role alongside Egyptian actress Summaya Al Khashab in the drama “Hadaeq Al Shaitan” (The Devil’s Gardens). Summaya had accused director Ismael Abdul Hafez of deleting a number of scenes including Summaya from the television drama, charging that Jamal Suleiman was given preferential treatment over her.


Ismael said that Summaya’s allegations are not true, and he did not omit any of her scenes from the drama. Ismael asserted that he has been a television drama director since 1960 and would never simply omit a scene without a valid reason as Summaya claimed. He regrets working with such an actor who creates lies to get attention, said Ismael.


Summaya announced that she will never again take a leading role alongside Jamal or work with production company 'Al Jabr,’ although, the drama was given a ‘viewers and critics award’ for its popularity during the holy month of Ramadan.



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