Jordan, Dubai and Kuwait Airlines violate Intellectual Property Rights?!

Published October 18th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Courts in Dubai, Amman and Syria are looking into the up-coming movie Jamal Abdul Naser and its possible violation of Intellectual Property Rights laws, according to Al Raya newspaper. 

The Qatari daily said that the hearing started when Emirates Airlines aired the film on its flight without prior consent from the producers of the film and without the approval of the Egyptian Production Department. The event instigated the action of the film’s Syrian director, Bashir Ghia, who immediately sent a letter to the General Manager of Emirates Airlines on the 25th of October, 1999, informing him of what happened and that such an action has resulted in a great financial loss to those involved; since it is illegal to sell a movie to satellite stations and airlines before a year and a half of its release as VHS. 

Meanwhile, the Egyptian production Department sent a letter to Emirates Airlines asking that the airline cease from airing any Egyptian movies or plays without the prior consent of the department or the rightful owner of the production. 

Consequently, the airliner replied stating that it had, in fact, bought the rights to show Jamal Abdul Naser from the Rahbani Company in Dubai who stated that it “has acquired the official right to sell the movie.” 

It was then that Egypt decided to follow up on the issue through courts. 

Meanwhile, the same incident took place with Royal Jordanian airlines, who also showed the film on its flight after it bought the rights from the Rahbani Company. 

From its side, the Rahbani Company submitted its official documents that prove that it had sold both airlines the right to air the move. 

However, the mystery grows, after the company states that the party they brought the right to sell the movie from, disappeared after that one transaction. 

As for the suit against Kuwaiti Airlines, the issue differs slightly. 

‘Haya For Production,’ a company based in Kuwait had sold the rights to the airlines, but specified that the film cannot be shown outside the boundaries of Kuwait. 

Therefore, when Kuwait Airlines showed the film aboard its flight, it blatantly broke the law.  

All cases are still pending in courts and awaiting the final ruling. – 

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