Jordanian parliament call for the prosecution of Jim Carey

Published September 29th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

The Jordanian official news agency Petra has reported that a member of parliament has demanded that the government prosecutes those responsible for screening the latest film "Bruce Al Mighty" by Hollywood comedian actor Jim Carey in Jordanian cinema houses. The agency, which refused to reveal the identity of the parliament member, added that an immediate order was given to stop showing the film in every movie theater. 


According to the London based Elaph, it was stated that the parliament official referred to the film as an insult to God and a disgrace to all religions. Carey was also reprimanded for playing the leading role of Bruce, who in the film plays the role of a journalist who is given the powers of God Almighty and is dared to compete with God. 


The film was screened in movie theaters in Jordan for over three weeks, and viewers had complained that it was subject to major censorship, with many scenes deleted. The same film was banned in Malaysia, which is a country with a very large Muslim population, by Islamic officials for the fact that the film is considered to be inappropriate. 


Most films that are brought to Jordan to be screened in cinema houses usually undergo heavy censorship to ensure that they are appropriate for all viewers. it was revealed that most censorship is done to films that display sexual and intimate scenes. – 

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