Kathem Al Saher marches the streets of Cairo in tears for Iraq

Published April 6th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Iraqi singer Kathem Al Saher called on all artists in Egypt and from around the Arab world to take part in a march in Cairo to show solidarity and support for the Iraqi people. The march proved to be a successful one with so many singers and actors participating in addition to the speeches given that struck straight to the heart. 


According to the London based Elaph, Kathem gave a speech which put everyone in tears, it was like bullets wanting to hit the enemy that has turned his home country, Iraq, into a living torture killing his people and destroying everything in their way. The singer's words were full of hatred towards the US and Britain and held consolation and love for his people. Kathem expressed that he might be present in body now but his soul and heart are in Iraq and in agony at not knowing what has happened to his family for there ceased to be any means of communications due to the reckless enemy. 


The singer throughout his speech talked about his tour to the US before the war. He stressed that in every instance while he was on stage Iraq and Baghdad were the themes of his songs in addition, in every interview he held, he talked about the culture and beauty of Iraq and its people. During his trip the singer sang a song with American pop star the song "We Want Peace" attacking US president George Bush and his insanity and cruelty for calling war on Iraq. 


After Kathem's speech, a number of other artists gave speeches expressing their anger at the US and Britain and showing their support for the Iraqi people and assured them that they will stand by their side all the way and wish them victory over the enemy. 


Among the artists who took part in the march are, Asalah Nasri, Ghada Ragab and her father, Mohammad Rushdi, Mahmood Yasin, Mamdooh Al Laithi, Ahmad Budair, Ehab Tawfiq, and many more. 


Recently, El Saher began recording a new song "Atfal Al Iraq Al Hazina Bi Ai Thanb Yuktaloon" (Children of the heartbreaking Iraq, for what fault are they being killed) in Cairo written by Egyptian poet Farouq Juwaideh. Kathem revealed to the French Press that ever since war broke out in Iraq, he was eagerly searching for a way to express his devotion and solidarity with his people.  


Kathem said that he wanted to find any means of conveying the agony and melancholy he feels toward the brutal killing of his people and destruction of his country by the hands of the enemy. He noted that in this new song, which Farouq gladly gave rights to Kathem to sing it, he found the strongest and most meaningful words that portray the deepest feelings of anger and hurt his people are going through towards the world that just stands aside and watches.  


Kathem added that he was able to let out all his anger and pain in the composition of the song which will send the message of how he feels towards the suffering Iraqi children to the outside world, a song which is capable of splitting a rock in two and making it cry. The singer has also decided to choose actual footage from the brutal attack on Iraq by the US and Britain for the music video to make sure the message he is portraying reaches the world at large.  


A new duet "We Want Peace" has also been released over the Internet for the Iraqi singer and African American singer Lenny Kravitz, adding to the large collection of new singles sung by singers worldwide calling for world peace and security. Kravitz launched the song, which was recorded in Maiami Florida, during Kathem's tour of the United States, on the American national association website "Rock the Foot" that encourages involvement of the young generation in politics.  


Kravitz, who organized a group performance of a number of singers and sang John Lenins song "Give Peace a Chance" in 1991, revealed that he chose the site Rock the Foot because of his faith in the young generation and freedom of expression. –Albawaba.com 

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