Kathem El Saher

Published December 31st, 1969 - 11:59 GMT

Born in 1961, Iraqi Kathem El Saher’s real name is Kathem Jaber El Saher. 

He started paving his way to fame in 1981, after he entered the Music Institute and got to learn his favorite instrument, the guitar. 

Kathem was raised on the music of Kathem El Ghazali and Hussein Ni’me, two of Iraq’s finest singers. However, he was mostly influenced by great Arab singers such as Abdul Halim Hafez and Mohammad Abdul Wahab. In 1988, Kathem shot to fame with his song Abart El Shat (I Crossed the Shore). However, due to the Iraqi war, the singer did not achieve the success he deserved. 

In 1990, Kathem moved to Jordan, the country which provided his spring-board to Arab-wide success. It was in Jordan that Kathem sang his old songs such as Yal Aziz (My Dear) and others. 

His only experience with acting was in an Iraqi TV series called Al Musafer (The Traveler). However, needless to say, the experience was not too rewarding, and Kathem never acted again. 

The most famous of his many albums includes La Ya Sadiqi (No My Friend), Banit Alaeebak (Your Games Have Shown), Zeedeeni Ishkan (Give Me More Love), Madrasat Al Hub (School of Love), Ana Wa Layla (Me and Layla) and his latest album Al Hub Al Mustaheel (Impossible Love). 

After his success, Kathem changed his Iraqi form of singing to more of a poetic style. His most frequented poems are those written by a famous poet, the late Nizar Qabani. 

It is well known that the singer composes all his songs and refuses anyone else’s compositions. However, he has, on various occasions, composed music for other artists, including the Tunisian songstress Latifa. 

He has participated in various festivals, including the Jerash Festival in Jordan, and Moroccan Carthage festivals. He has also performed at London’s prestigious Albert Hall. 

On the personal level, Kathem is married and has two boys. His family lives in Jordan, while he resides in Egypt. 

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