Katia Harb to join Hanan Turk on the big screen

Published February 19th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

Lebanese singer Katia Harb is to travel to Cairo in the upcoming few days where she is scheduled to hold extensive work sessions with Egyptian producers, after she had received an offer to star in a new film alongside Egyptian prominent actress Hanan Turk. Katia revealed that she does not know the details of the new film, except the fact that she would be acting alongside Turk if she gives her acceptance to the offer. 


According to the London based Elaph, Katia added that the purpose of her visit is mainly to learn the details of the film and see whether it suits her or not. The singer is also scheduled to be a guest on the Dream satellite television channel show “Sahar Al Laiali” and will record an episode during her stay. 


Katia held a huge celebration for the release of her latest album under the title "Katia" in the presence of a large number of stars from Egypt and Lebanon. The singer's guest list ranged from journalists, important figures, singers, actors, directors, and much more. 


Miss Lebanon 2003 was the announcer at the big event along with Jalal Shahda. Katia did not consider the celebration as merely for the signing of her album, but also as a gathering of friends and loved ones. Katia revealed that she named the album after herself as to not distinguish one song from another, especially since she considers it to be the best she has ever produced. The singer has revealed that her new album features different styles, which is to include songs sung in the Egyptian dialect a first time attempt for her. 


The singer shot the music video for the song “Aad El Hub” (Are You Up For Love) under the direction of Egyptian director Othman Abu Al Laban in Egypt. Harb has gained popularity and fame throughout the past eight years, which marks the time of her singing career, by singing songs in the Lebanese accent, Khaleeji (Gulf), as well as in foreign languages. Katia revealed that she will release her fourth album this spring sung mainly in the Egyptian accent, a first time experience for her. The album's songs are written by poet Bahjat Amar and composed by Amro Mustafa. - Albawaba.com 

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