Latifa accused of sending Fulla to jail”

Published October 14th, 2007 - 07:09 GMT

Algerian singer Fulla is still living in great and deep pain over her miserable memory when she was put in jail in Egypt. Even thought there is no legal suit against her, She is still banned from entering Egypt. During her interview with “Al Jaras” satellite channel, Fulla seemed deeply hurt. She talked about how she broke off her engagement with her fiancé Omar Al Bashir, because her life wasn’t settled.

 According to the London daily Elaph, Fulla talked about her previous manager Anoud Al Maliqi, where she admits that Anoud opened a home for her in Lebanon. She adds that she did not leave her because she had a contract with the Tunisian singer Latifa, but rather due to her weak management she had to change her. Anoud did not advertise for Fulla’s album “Qamar 14” (Full Moon).
 Fulla made sure that she is not the one behind Latifa’s banning from Algeria.


However, she talked about rumors that Laifta is accused of sending her to jail in Egypt. Even thought Latifa did not talk about Fulla’s issue, there are numerous rumors that assure Latifa had a hand in it. Even Egyptian famous musicians have assured Fulla that Latifa was behind her miserable experience. Even though, both singers lived in the same apartment building in Egypt Fulla on the second floor and Latifa on the 6th floor, yet Fulla didn’t find that out until she got out from prison.

 Fulla was asked if Latifa helped her getting out of prison, she says, “How could she help, when everyone says she is behind it”. Latifa did not even call her to assure her that she had nothing to do with sending her to jail. Fulla hopes that God will reveal that was behind her misery.

 Fulla talked about how she was banned from entering Egypt twice, once when the Syrian singer Asala told her that she would be waiting for her on the airplane’s door to file for a visa for her. The Egyptian authority refused to let her out of the airport; therefore, she had to take the next plane to Lebanon. The second incident is when Prince Al Walid Bin Talal invited her to Sharm Al Sheikh, and she was sent back from the airport by Egyptian authority.

 She was never told what is the lawsuit against her. She was sentence to prison for three years then the judge over turned it and made it a year and a half.

 Fulla made clear that before her prison incident, she was returning to Cairo from Paris after her engagement to the famous soccer player Jamal Abed Al Hamid.


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