Latifa makes a special and private visit to Najib Mahfouz

Published January 18th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

Tunisian singer Latifa has made a special and private visit to internationally-known Nobel Prize Winner Tunisian novelist Najib Mahfouz at his home in Tunisia to celebrate his birthday, which was originally a month ago. Latifa presented Najib with a very special gift, which was the holy Koran in silver.  


According to the London based Elaph, on his part, Najib present the singer with a special book written by Dr. Ahmad Mursi, which tackles Mahfouz's most memorable writings and his journey in life. Mahfouz asked for a special request from Latifa, which was to sing a part of her famous song "Al Masri" (The Egyptian). While Latifa was singing, Mahfouz expressed his deep appreciation of her voice and told her that he becomes very happy when he hears her sing.  


Najib noted to Latifa that she should encounter another acting experience, after her first with Egyptian director Yousef Shahin was very successful. He then went on and asked her to sing a collection of old songs. 


Latifa was recently in Lebanon where she was a guest on the show “Star Academy” after receiving an invitation from the Lebanese Broadcasting Company (LBC) satellite television channel. The show specifically aims at bringing individuals with the talent to sing to the spotlight making them known to the world. 


Latifa has won first prize for best female Arab singer at the Marrakech Golden Musical festival, while Iraqi singer Kathem El Saher won first prize for best male Arab singer. The singers received their prizes at a celebration held November 29, 2003. Latifa refused to sing at the festival after receiving her award, saying she is in morning over the lost of Tunisian singer Thikra, who passed away a day before, after being murdered by her husband.  


Recently Latifa was in Lebanon to be in the company of music composer and distributor Jan Mary Riashi in order to launch the release of her latest album “Ma Itrohshi Baeed” (Don’t Go Far), which is the title of one of the songs Jan had composed for her along with “Sabrine” (We Are Patient). It was revealed that a number of prominent figures from the entertainment world and the media shared the celebration alongside Latifa.  


Latifa expressed her joy at releasing her album from Lebanon saying she is grateful to the Lebanese people for their utmost support. At the celebration Latifa gave a speech in which she thanked all those who attended and hoped that her new album is up to standards and meets the expectations of everyone.  


Extensive negotiations have begun between Latifa and the music production company Rotana, as the latter is trying extra hard to add the singer to its long list of singers. Officials at Rotana feel that Latifa has proven great success in her career and would be an asset to the company. It was revealed that most issues between the two sides have been agreed on and the possibility of a final contract is on the way. The company is very careful in making sure it selects singers that have gained huge popularity and usually gives them financial offers that are impossible to refuse.  


Her album was previously scheduled to be released on June 26, 2003, but was postponed due to a few minor problems. The album holds the title "Habibi Ma Itrooh Ib'eed", and is produced by Alam El Phan. It features a variety of 12 songs that were very carefully chosen by Latifa. – 

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