Lebanese Film on Terrorism Differentiates between Truth, Reality

Published May 11th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

Lebanese director Salam al Zaatari seeks through his film Sittoon Daqiqah fi Qamis al Majanin (Sixty Minutes in the Shirt of Mad People) to incite the western society for raising inquiries and searching for certain answers. 

Zaatari’s documentary film differentiates between the American led campaign against terrorism following September 11 attacks and the Israeli aggressions on the Arabs and the Palestinians and Lebanese in particular. He presents his film to the foreign viewer in an attempt to penetrate the embargo imposed by the western media. 

The film is about an American announcer who uses the exaggeration style in addressing small events which concern the United States while he downplays the importance of major event that interest the Arabs. 

The Lebanese director starts raising the question about the difference between the truth and reality giving the western viewers the facts available to him from the Arabs perspective and leaving them the option for discovering the truth. 

The film includes quotes from the American president’s statements in which he demanded his soldiers to get ready and assured the Americans that what he described as terrorists would be caught one by one and brought to court. 

In a satire like style the film portrays the accomplishments of the war against terrorism showing the Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, his assistant Ayman al Thawahiri and Taliban leader Mohammed Omar accused by the US as being the attacks masterminds, at large. 

The film then shows documents and scenes about the Israeli aggressions on Lebanon particularly the Israeli invasion of Beirut, which marked the second invasion of its type against an Arab capital after Jerusalem after 88 days of siege. This is in addition to the emergence of Hisbullah as a resistance movement against occupation during that period. 

The film ends with statements made by president Bush in which he announces that his country was exposed to an evil action during September while scenes of evil actions which the Arab nation has been facing over more than half a century appear on the screen. These include the dismissal of Palestinians from their lands and the Israeli aggressions on Lebanon and Lebanese resistance led by Hisbullah -- Albawaba.com 

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