Lucy and Mohammad Fouad Team Up

Published December 5th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian director Mazen AL Jabali has nominated Egyptian actress Lucy for a starring role alongside singer Mohammad Fouad in a new film. 

According to Al Raya newspaper, the film, entitled Qassem Wa Ali Baba (Qassem and Ali Baba), will be produced by famous retired football player Sharif Abdul Min’em

Lucy’s last film was Kursi Fi Al Klub (A Chair at the Club), directed by Sami Al Bajouri and also starring singer Midhat Saleh

Meanwhile, Fouad’s latest work was Isma’ilia Rayeh Jay (Isma’ilia Back and Fro), starring famous comedian Mohammad Huneidi and Hanan El Turk.- Albawaba>com. 

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