Majed Al Muhandis hoping to forget

Published June 5th, 2008 - 08:02 GMT

Iraqi artist Majed Al Muhandis is getting ready to release his new album called “Insa” (Forget). The new album includes 16 songs.

According to the London daily Elaph, poet Faiq Hasan worked on six of the songs, “Nami Eyni” (Got To Sleep My Eye) composed by the famous Iraqi artist Kathem Al Saher, “Mihtajak” ( I Need You) composed by Ahmad Hasan, “Balad Al Habayeb” (The Country Of Loved Ones) and “Al Arosah” (The Bride) composed by Majed, “Rud Aleeh Ya Habibi” (Answer Him My Love) composed by Walid Al Shami and “Insa” (Forget) composed by Mahmoud Khayami.

Khaliji poet Al Naser wrote the song “Latwaa Al Noor” (Turn On The Light), composed by the khaliji artist Abed Al Rab Idris.

The song “Ya Ghafel” (Naive) was written by Mansour Al Shadi and composed by Naser Al Saleh. 

Al Muhandis also worked with the young poet Wasim Basad on the song “Wdahom” (They Want).

Al Muhandis was present at the Rotana Company main branch in Saudi Arabia to film the advertisement for his new album. As for now Al Muhandis is staying in Beirut to film a video clip for his song “Insa” (Forget) that holds the same name as the album’s title. Al Muhandis will be working with Lebanese director Walid Nasif on the new clip.


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