Majida Al Roumi’s cancellation in Tunisia affects Ragheb Alama

Published April 3rd, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

The Tunisian Journalist Association is holding a special event under the title “Honoring the Eagles of Carthage” with Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama as the guest of honor. Alama is scheduled to hold a spectacular performance at the event, which originally was to host Lebanese singer Majida Al Roumi.  


According to the London based Elaph, it was revealed that before the event large advertisement posters of the singer holding a Samsung cell phone with announcements for the event. It was added that most ticket places around the Tunisian capital were still not sold out, despite the fact that in normal circumstances tickets would be usually sold out by this time.  


The reason behind the low sale of tickets is basically due to the sudden change of singers to host the event. It was revealed that the reason behind Majida’s cancellation is the fact that she demanded an extremely high wage, which was not agreed on.  


Alama has just completed a series of performances around the Arab world and is in the process of finalizing his upcoming album, which is produced by Alam El Phan Production Company. Ragheb is also to be a guest on the last episode of the show "Number one song" presented by Rola Bahnam on the Lebanese Future television satellite channel. 


Ragheb has just launched a new mobile phone commercial for the Samsung Electronics, the global leader in digital technology, which was filmed in Cairo. The commercial was directed by Sharif Sabri and holds the title "Nawarit Aiami" (You Light Up My Days), which is also a name of song that will be included in his new album. 


Samsung had recently held extensive negotiations with Ragheb, and both sides reached an agreement to have Ragheb as the official spokesperson for the company. Ragheb has signed a contract for one year to shoot different television commercials for Samsung advertising their different line of mobile phones. 


In reply to the circulating rumors that attacked Alama stating that he insulted Sudanese women publicly by calling them the ugliest in the world and his denial of the rumor, the singer announced that he is currently looking for a Sudanese woman to take part in his upcoming music video. The singer stressed that he wants to prove to everyone that he made no such remarks.  


The Sudanese "Al Dar" daily had published in one of its papers that Ragheb had called all Sudanese females ugly and caused chaos and anger among all Sudanese females. Another Sudanese paper "Al Khartoum" held a personal interview with Ragheb to get a public statement from him and frankly stated that he had made no such remark and added that Sudanese women are a symbol of purity and dignity and he would never insult them in any way.  


Ragheb revealed that he is seriously of filing a lawsuit against the "Al Dar" paper for publishing such false news and ruining his image in front of his Sudanese fans. Ragheb added that he intends on holding a series of concerts in Sudan to prove to the journalist, who wrote the lies about him, that he never made such remarks.  


Ragheb called on the Sudanese President, Omar Al Bashir, to demand an investigation to get to the source that wrote the lies about him and prosecute him for ruining his image in front of his Sudanese brothers and sisters. The singer added that he has actual proof that he did not make such remarks from the recorded tapes of the television interview he held.  


The singer had answered back to the rumors through his office stressing that he was shocked when he heard the news and would never make such remarks about anyone. The singer added that the rumors are cheap attempts by low life people who just want to create problems between him and his fans. Ragheb noted that he views all his fans equally and treats them with the utmost respect. He added that every Arab females are his sisters and he would never call anyone ugly or disgrace them in such an insensitive way. – 

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