Majida Alroumi to be the highlight of Layali Dubai

Published January 6th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

Sources leaked that Lebanese prominent singer Majida Al Roumi will be participating for the first time in the opening of the Layali Dubai Music Festival. The festival will take place during the opening of the Dubai shopping annual festival. 


The festival will be launched on January 15th and will be held for one month. Majida had recently participated in a Christmas party held in Beirut, and is placing final touches on her upcoming musical album, which will be the fruit of her cooperation with many prominent composers and poets such as Elye Showeri and Dr. Abdul Rab Idris. The singer stressed that she will manage all the details of her album and her career for the first time throughout her career, after being used to having her husband take care of all her career and social matters.  


Majida also revealed that she is preparing to shoot a music video for one of the songs from her upcoming album under the direction of internationally known director Stein Wakrun. The singer added that she also plans on shooting a second music video under the direction of Jamil Al Maghazi.  


In her upcoming album, Majida has included a new song, which talks about the nature of her relationship with her husband and is her last message to him. In the song, Majida is indirectly telling her only love to return and begin a new life together forgetting all the hurt and pain that has taken over their lives.  


Despite the current crisis Al Roumi is going through, and regardless of the emotional and mental condition she is in because of problems with her husband, Anthony Devouni, of over 25 years, the singers insists on standing strong and overcoming everything. The singer is back in studios recording the songs for her upcoming album and making sure nothing gets in the way of her career and her long line of success.  


Al Roumi had discovered that her husband is involved in a love affair with a younger Lebanese woman. The younger woman, named Daniel, is an artist whom Anthony had brought home on the assumption that she is one of Majida’s biggest fans. 


Recently, Al Roumi and Milhim Barakat had finally become friends once more after years of not talking to one another over several disputes that had occurred between them. Majida revealed that her upcoming album will include a number of songs composed by Milhim. 


Majida has given a spectacular performance at the "Le Festival Fu Monde Arabe De Montreal" (The Montreal Arab World Music Festival), which took place in Canada on November 16, 2003. The singer was the highlight of the festival leaving a feeling of sensation in all those who attended. 

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