Mariam Fares Egyptians first choice

Published January 12th, 2005 - 04:39 GMT

Lebanese singer Mariam Fares has been informed that she was voted Best Female Arab Singer in a poll held in Egypt, which consisted of 4 million participants. The singer expressed her honor for being chosen and hopes to always be up to everyone’s standards.


According to the London based daily, Al Sharq Al Awsat, Mariam’s song "Ana Wil Shooq" has witnessed enormous popularity in Egypt and Lebanon. Mariam has revealed that she is in the process of preparing for a new album under the production of Music Master. The singer added that she will for the first time be working with Egyptian composers and poets. The album is scheduled to be released during the summer season along with a new look for Mariam.


Mariam Fares has revealed that she does not believe in undergoing plastic surgeries to improve her appearance, which is the case with most singers, but rather is a supporter of natural beauty. The singer stressed that she does not like to look superficial to gain popularity and is confident of her natural looks and talent to sing stressing that they are the key factors behind her success.


Mariam noted that she is not against singers who feel it is a must to undergo plastic surgeries to improve their features when it is needed. Mariam has been nominated for the leading role in the upcoming Egyptian film "Al Hub Mish Fil Alb" (Love is not in the Heart) alongside Egyptian actor Mohammad Najati, who is currently starring in the Ramadan television drama "Mahmoud Al Masri" with prominent Egyptian actor Mahmoud Abdul Aziz.


The movie will mark Mariam’s debut into the cinema, and the singer is hopeful she will be up to people’s standards. Director Wael Ihsan is to direct the film, and filming is scheduled to begin in the near future.


Mariam is currently preparing for her upcoming album, which she reveals is to be a big surprise to all her fans. Mariam stressed that the new album marks a unique shift in her singing career that will make her gain more popularity.


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