Maya Nasri denies disagreement with Rotana

Published July 7th, 2008 - 06:49 GMT

lLebanese artist Maya Nasri has launched her new album “Jai Al Waqat” (Time Is Coming).

According to the London daily Elaph, Maya spoke at a press conference held by the music production company ‘Rotana’ at the ‘Rotana Café’ in Beirut. A number of the production company managers and representatives were present, and a large number of journalists, were there to celebrate with Maya. The press conference was presented by Miray Eid who is a radio broadcaster for “Rotana Delta Radio.”

 The journalists asked Maya about her relations with the production company ‘Rotana’ and if the press conference was delayed due to differences between Maya and the company. Maya denied any problems between her and ‘Rotana,’ stating the only reason for the delay was because she had to travel back and forth between Egypt and Lebanon.

Maya said that she is very pleased to be with working with ‘Rotana.’
 Maya said that she has a great relationship with the Egyptian press and that they have supported her.  She also thanked the Lebanese press, because it inspired the Egyptian press to take interest in her.

 Maya said the decision by the head of the Egyptian art association, Dr. Ashraf Zaki, which prevents foreigners from working in Egypt, did not affect her and that she is still able to work in Egypt.

Maya considers Egypt to be her second home, but Lebanon is where she accomplished her success.

 Maya denies there are problems between she and the Lebanese artist Nicole Saba.  She said the two are great friends and even spend time at each other’s houses. Maya also denies having a romantic relationship with Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury.  Marwan is a great person and a very good friend, but that is all, said Maya.

 Maya thanked everyone that helped her with the making of latest album.
She also talked about the music video clip for the song “Jai Al Waqat,” that is presently being shown on all ‘Rotana’ music channels. The clip is directed by Ahmad Al Mahdi.

 Maya was accompanied by her brother Marwan, her sister Rana and the composer Hisham Bolis at the conference.

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