MBC ends the Road to Kabul

Published October 24th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

The Arab satellite television channel MBC has ended its broadcast of the Ramadan television drama “The Road to Kabul” after having aired 8 episodes already. It has been revealed that the channel stopped its broadcast of the drama due to the fact that the production company refused to submit the remaining episodes of the series to the channel. 


Officials at MBC made a public announcement to all their viewers stressing that they regret not being able to air the drama because they do not have copies of the remaining episodes and the company that produced the work refused to give any justifications for its actions. 


When MBC insisted on taking the remaining episodes according to the contract signed with the producing company of the drama, the answer was that the drama faced some technical problems and that was the reason for not submitting the remaining episodes, but their excuse was not convincing and the problem may lead to court. 


On a similar note, Moroccan television has backed out on plans to broadcast “The Road to Kabul” after receiving the same threat that was sent out to all television stations from an anonymous Islamic group. The administration of the channel had announced that it will not air the drama due to the fact that it did not receive all the complete episodes and not because of the threats. The administration did not clarify why it had been advertising for the drama before the holy month of Ramadan even though at the time it had not received all the complete episodes.  


Officials at the Qatar Broadcasting television have decided to stop the airing of the “The Road to Kabul” on the notion that the drama was not complete in a technical sense. Management had made a public announcements that due to technical issues it does not make any sense to air the drama because it will have no true meaning.  


An anonymous Islamist group had threatened everyone who took part in the drama in addition to all television stations who broadcast it. The threat was posted on the Internet and clearly said that anyone who has anything to do with airing the drama will be attacked, if not in the time being, their time will come in the very near future or even in one year. The threat added that no one will be forgotten no matter how long it takes to make their vengeance. The group had stressed that the facts portrayed in the drama are an insult and hold no truth to them.  


An official at the Qatar television stressed that their decision is not based on the threat and that it was made before the threat surfaced. Head of Jordan’s television station also revealed that they will not air the drama because it was originally to be financed by Qatar television. –Albawaba.com  

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