Mohammed Assaf takes on the #SaltWaterChallenge in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners

Published April 26th, 2017 - 01:55 GMT
Over 1600 prisoners are on a hunger strike. (YouTube)
Over 1600 prisoners are on a hunger strike. (YouTube)

Last week, over 1000 Palestinian prisoners declared a mass hunger strike in Israel

This week, that number rose to over 1600 prisoners. 

In solidarity with his people, Palestinian superstar Mohammed Assaf drank water mixed with salt, which is what the prisoners are doing. 

In an emotional video posted on his official Facebook page, the Gaza native told his fans that he didn't need to be challenged by Palestinians to drink the salty liquid: "That's my country and this is no challenge; I'm supposed to be standing by them," he said.

Assaf is then seen adding a large spoon of salt to a glass of water, before drinking half of it.

The young singer also challenged every "decent" person watching the video to show their support by drinking salty water too. 

Here are some of the people who rose to the challenge:

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