Muna Shalabi falls into new trouble

Published November 1st, 2004 - 02:00 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

Young Egyptian Muna Shalabi has caused herself new trouble when she neglected to show up for a special awards ceremony of one of the English magazines after promising to attend. Muna was supposed to attend the event to receive her award for best new face, where she was chosen according to a poll done by the magazine and included a number of young artists. 


The organizers of the event had personally called Muna to confirm her attendance to the ceremony, which was aired live on the Arab satellite network ART and she had stressed that she will not miss it and will try to make it on time. The organizers were in shock when Muna’s name was called to accept her award and she was not causing everyone to panic. Attempts were made to see why the actress did not attend but she had refused to answer any phone calls and later on turned off her cell phone completely.  


Muna is going through a sever state of depression after the chaos she created during the filming of the film “Farhan Mulazim Adam”, which resulted in her replacement with another actress. The actress was accused of being arrogant by people from the entertainment world for the way she acted on the set of the film. 


Muna, who had signed a contract to play the leading role in the film, placed the director of the movie in a very tight spot two days before filming. The actress demanded that her name be highlighted and placed before all the other actors during scripts, despite the fact that she is sharing the leading roles with Egyptian actress Lubliba and actor Abdul Wahab. 


Director, Omar Abdul Aziz, on his part refused to have Muna continue in the film and nominated actress Yasmin Abdul Aziz to take her role without any prior notice. Muna has refused to make any public announcement regarding the incident, but denied being arrogant justifying her demand as her right after the success she has achieved so far. – 

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