Muna Zaki and Ahmad Hilmi unite on stage

Published July 6th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

In complete secrecy, an agreement was reached by Egyptian producer Mohammad Fouzi, who is currently in hospital, and director Ashraf Zaki on the production of a new play. Everyone involved in the play has made a vow to keep a tight lid on the nature of it in term of theme or even its name for fear of someone coming along and stealing it. 


According to the UAE daily, Al Bayan, it was revealed that Egyptian young couple Muna Zaki and Ahmad Hilmi have been chosen for the leading roles of the play. It was added that actress Muna Shalabi, Majida Zaki, Mustafa Shaaban, Ghada Adel, and Hajaj Abdul Atheem will costar with the married couple. 


Late last month, the Egyptian Censorship Committee announced its objection over a picture of Egyptian Zaki in which she is wearing a see-through dress revealing too much. The objection came when posters of the film “Sahar Al Laiali” (Staying Up Nights) were everywhere showing Muna, who is starring the film in a dress made of very thin fabric showing parts of her body.  


The Censorship demanded that all the posters be pulled down and replaced with more decent ones or legal actions will be taken. The producer of the film was forced to make all the necessary changes in turning facing financial losses of up to 25000 Egyptian pounds.  


Recently, disputes had risen between Zaki and the producers of the play "Kidda Okay" (Like This Okay), due to the insistence of Muna to continue acting out her role despite her pregnancy. The producers of the play find it to be very inconvenient for Muna to continue especially since her part is of a young lady who is not married.  


Muna stressed that she will not give in to the wishes of the producers in turn jeopardizing all her benefits in terms of profit from the play. Muna added that her pregnancy has caused her no difficulty and to prove her point is her current filming of the new movie "Aunt Francis".  


Since the marriage of Muna and Ahmad, countless rumors in the past kept circulating that Muna is pregnant. The actress had always wondered why such rumors would arise and why she would hide such a wonderful fact if it were true. But her recurring denials of the rumors did not make them stop circulating.  


But finally the rumor had turned into a fact with Muna making a public announcement of the news of her pregnancy and her entrance into the world motherhood.  


Muna revealed that she and her husband have already made their decision that if their firstborn is a boy they will name him Hassan. The couple had not yet made up their minds on what to name the baby if it is a girl. The actress stressed that now she is more than happy to read the news in papers since it is finally true. – 

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