Muna Zaki denies conflicts with Helmi

Published November 25th, 2009 - 04:10 GMT

The famous Egyptian actress Muna Zaki announced that she is very upset with the rumors spreading about her relationship with her husband Egyptian actor Ahmad Helmi. The rumors said that conflicts started between the two ever since Helmi saw the screening of her newest cinema film “Awlad Al Am” (Cousins), which Muna starred in. The new film hasn’t been screened in movie theaters yet, because it is scheduled to be launched during “Eid Al Adha” season. Some of the rumors went as far as saying that the two are getting a divorce over the matter.

 According to the London daily Elaph, Muna denied the rumors and she feels sad to how far some newspapers and internet sites would go to damage people’s lives. She stated that her relationship with Helmi is great and that he is not just her husband he is a very close friend whom she turns to whenever she needs him. She also said that Helmi knows all the details about every movie she makes and that he usually sees them before the public does. Muna considers him as her first critic where his opinion is very important for her, because she trusts his judgments. She also said that he has a great way of convincing her of his opinion no matter how much her opinion is conflicting with his.

 Muna said that she and Helmi are used to such bad rumors which are struck by bad people who always aim to spread them whenever she has a new film coming out. As for the new film “Awlad Al Am” Muna plays the role of a married woman who lives a happy life with her husband and kids until one day they get into a huge argument. When things get very bad between her and her husband he injects her neck with anesthetic and when she wakes up she finds herself standing in front of an Israeli flag.

Her husband then tells her that she is in “Tel Aviv” and that he is an Israeli spy who was on a mission in Egypt, but he fell in love with her and was crazy about her. When his mission was over he had to go back to Israel. Muna’s character finds herself forced to live with him because she was being abducted. The film stars Muna Zaki, Karim Abed Al Aziz and Sharif Munir. The film is written by Amr Samir and directed by Sharif Arafah.

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