Muna Zaki skeptical about acting with her husband

Published January 10th, 2010 - 06:18 GMT

The famous Egyptian actress Muna Zaki is disoriented these days because of the new cinema film offer she received from the scenarist Tamer Habnin. He had offered Zaki a new film where she will be sharing the leading roles for the first time with her husband Egyptian comedian Ahmad Helmi. Zaki is afraid that the new experience would fail, because all of Helmi’s films were a great success and she is afraid that she will bring him bad luck.

 On other grounds, due to recent weather changes in “Al Ghardaqiya” city in the southern shores of Egypt, the filming of the cinema film “Aswar Al Qamar” (Moon Fences) which star Zaki was stopped more than once. Zaki stars with young actor Aser Yasin and Amr Saed and it is directed by Tareq Al Aryan.

 One of the scenes that were supposed to be filmed on a boat in the sea was postponed more than once because of the weather. Rumors were spreading that there were production problems with the filming and that was the real reason behind why the filming was postponed. Other rumors said that the stars of the film had other projects to work on, but Zaki had denied that rumor and said that all the stars have freed themselves for this film. She stated that once the weather got better the filming would resume, because the film is nominated for screening at the beginning of the summer season.

 In the new film “Aswar Al Qamar”, Zaki plays the role of a woman who got into an accident and led to the loss of her sight. She tries to cope with the new life she has and there is a surprise waiting for her.


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