Muscat Fest Opened with Absence of Omani, American Films

Published January 21st, 2002 - 02:00 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

The second Muscat Film Festival was launched Sunday in the Omani capital with 25 films participating from various countries, according to the London based Arabic daily al Sharq al Awsat. 

The festival was opened by screening the Iranian film The Hidden Half by Tahmineh Milani and it will be concluded by screening the French film Chocolate. Only 14 films will take part in the contest led by the French film Childhood Love. 

American films are the most prominent absent films in addition to the fact that no Omani films are participating in the festival. 

The jury comprises of the Arab British critic Mohammed Ridha as head, and the Egyptian cinema academician Madkour Thabet, French director and head of Nant Continental Festival Phillip Glado, Kuwaiti director and producer Khaled al Siddiq, Syrian actress Muna Wasef and Omani poet Zaher al Ghaferi as members. 

The jury will hand out the Golden Dagger for the best film in the contest; the Silver Dagger for the second best film and Bronze Dagger for the third best film. The jury will also donate special prizes bearing its name for the best cinematic elements in the films participating in the contest and a prize bearing the name of the audience. 

Muscat Film Festival will honor the Egyptian renowned actor Noor al Sherif and will screen two of his films, al A’shikan (Two Lovers) and Nagi al Ali. The festival will host elite movie stars from the Arab countries and the whole world. These include in addition to Noor al Sherif the Egyptian director Mustafa al A’qqad, Egyptian actor Mahmoud Abdul Aziz, Egyptian director Radwan al Kashef, Asaad Faddah, star of the French film Childhood Love and a large number of other stars -- 

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