Nabila Ebeid: Egyptian Cinema Faces Crisis

Published December 15th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT 


Egyptian film star Nabila Ebeid believes that the Egyptian cinema industry faces a crisis that hinders it from reaching international standards. 

“Films by the Egyptian new generation actors should include all kinds of drama as was the case before when a producer used to produce more than 70 different films. Special types of these good quality films were produced for Faten Hamamah and Magdah and another comedy type for Ismael Yasin. Unfortunately diversification nowadays has disappeared and whenever a certain type of films comes to the surface, everybody follows it. Therefore, I can say that the Egyptian cinema is still living a real crisis with even the distribution abroad has become weak,” Ebeid told 

She added, “Producers are also accountable for this crisis as they encourage the production of every type of movies. While they produce works for the Egyptian actor Mohammed Heneidi, why shouldn’t they produce performances for other actors including Noor Al Sherif or Adel Imam, simultaneously? For example the film Ayyam Al Sadat (Sadat Days) affirmed that a good quality topic and prominent characters attract the audience which is always ready to accept all types of films by all stars.” 

“The Egyptian cinema is facing real crisis, so how could it become international?” inquired Ebeid. 

Regarding the new generation of stars, Ebeid said, “there are many excellent actresses such as Hanan Turk, Muna Zaki and Rogina but because they were designated for one drama style only, they were delayed from reaching quickly the status of categoric stars.” The TV has introduced these stars and the audience has become familiar with them and if they were given the opportunity to play good and varied roles, they would certainly reach the status of categoric stars.” 

Ebeid thinks that the absence of dancing show films from the cinema arena is due the fact that these films need good topics, which are unavailable now.  

“For example the films Al Rakisah Wa Al Siyasi (The Dancer and the Politician) and Al Rakisah Wa Al Tabbal (The Dancer and the Drummer) written by the late writer Ehsan Abdel Quddous send a certain message through a well written story and distinctive script. When there is a good topic the actor uses all his acting capabilities but because this is unavailable now, show films have disappeared,” said Ebeid. 

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