Nada Basyouni to Play ‘Woman Without Claws’

Published April 15th, 2002 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian director Yousef Abu Saif is currently gearing up for directing the series Emraah Bidoun Makhaleb (Woman Without Claws) based on a story by Muna Noor Eddin and costarring Nada Basyouni, Rogina, Ibrahim Yusri, Ezzat Abu Auf, Diaa al Merghani and Mimi Gamal. 

“Muna Noor Eddin completes with this series her wars defending the oppressed woman although I do not agree with that as the woman in Egypt enjoys many rights that man has not yet enjoyed but as a director, I raise all points of views. She is a good screenwriter and has her large audience among Egyptian women,” the director told the daily al Gomhuria. 

Abu Saif has also wrapped up shooting a TV feature entitled Ma’a Muraa’t al Adab al A’mmah (In Compliance With Public Ethics) scripted by Atef Bashai and costarring Fadia Abdel Ghani and Ibrahim Yusri. The feature belongs to comedy genre and tells the story of a female artwork censor who is very much influenced by her work to the extent that practices the role of a censor on her husband and son. 

The Egyptian TV Production Department participated in the National Film Festival through the film Lahathat Hobb (Love Moments) scripted by Nadia Rashad, directed by Yousef Abu Saif and costarring Pusy, Mahmoud Qabil and Mustafa Fahmi. It is about a very important issue that causes much concern for the Egyptian family nowadays, which is lack of emotion in married life after the lapse of several years after wedding and the reasons behind this -- 

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