Nadia Al Jundi back to the small screen after a 25-year absence

Published December 17th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Weekly business meetings are being held currently between prominent actress Nadia Al Jundi and director Ahmed Saqer over the final details regarding her new TV drama “Mishwar Imra’a” (A Woman’s Journey). The drama talks about a woman who struggles throughout her life trying to make herself a respectful status for herself in the community.  


During her life she underwent many hardships and situations, but through determination overcomes all obstacles. The script is by Mustafa Muharram, and no actors have been selected yet because a finalizing of the places where the shooting will take place must first be taken care of. It has been revealed that most scenes are more likely to be shot in the old neighborhoods of Cairo. 


Nadia has decided to sell her life autobiography to one of the Arab satellite television channels for the price of 2 million Egyptian pounds. Her life will be made into a TV series which tackles the life of Nadia from the moment of her birth up to this present day. 


Nadia has revealed the smallest details of her life and her career not keeping anything a secret. Her adolescent years, marriages, and career will all be exposed in the series. She even includes problems and disputes she encountered with either family of colleagues from the entertainment business. Mid-September will witness the shooting of the scenes for the series that is to be aired during Ramadan “Muslim fasting month”. 


A few months ago, Al Jundi met with engineer Abdul Rahman Hafez, president of the Egyptian Media Production City, to receive and offer for the leading role in a new TV drama series written by screenwriter Samah Al Hariri. Nadia was very impressed with the script and showed interest in taking the part which she decided not to reveal any details regarding her role. Director Majdi Abu Ameereh was nominated to direct the new series that awaited Nadia's acceptance. The actress requested that a few alterations be made regarding the script before giving her final approval and demanded that the nature of the episodes remain in complete secrecy.  


Nadia set two million Egyptian pounds as her wages for the leading role in the series before making an agreement. The amount placed caused for a number of negotiations to take place between her and the Media City due to the fact that a number of people consider the amount to be too much and is cause for complications in the production of the drama.  


The series will be the comeback for Nadia to the small screen, which she has been away from for such a long time. She had previously only taken part in two TV works "Al Dawameh" and "Rajul Al Kitar" (Trainman) after which she decided to dedicate all her time to acting in films and producing them in her own unique style.  


After her agreement is final, a joint cooperation will begin between the Egyptian Media City and Dubai Media City that has previously took part in producing a number of TV series that were aired during Ramadan in Dubai and Cairo at the same time. 

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