Nancy Ajram turns down a million dollar TV commercial offer

Published February 16th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has turned down an offer for one million dollars to act in a television commercial for one of the food production companies. Nancy’s refusal for the offer comes from the fact that she refuses to accept any offer that does not relate to singing, stressing that she wants to focus her efforts on her music career only. 


According to the Arab magazine, Al Wa’ad, Nancy had also refused several offers to star in different films for the same reasons. Nancy added that she is postponing the idea of acting in Egyptian films for another two years, or until she is certain she has mastered the Egyptian accent. 


The significant success witnessed for Lebanese female singers in the Arab world and abroad has led Egyptian producers to begin planning to use there popularity in their new movies especially Nancy, Alissa, and Haifa Wahibi. Many Lebanese female singers have received numerous offers to star in different Egyptian films.  


Nancy is the most wanted star by Egyptian producers and lately she was offered a role with prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki. Nancy will benefit a lot from this opportunity because the famous actor will model in one of her songs the thing that would have been impossibly to achieve without her participation in the movie.  


Ajram has very recently held a spectacular performance at the Dubai Nights Music Festival during its finale in front a crowd of over 3 thousand, mostly teenagers. The atmosphere of Nancy’s concert was in most way a pre-celebration for Valentine’s Day, as the singer sang a collection of her songs along with romance oldies.  


Nancy announced in a personal interview that she refuses to give out any details regarding her personal life, but did reveal that her heart is beating for a special someone. The singer added that she plans on releasing her upcoming album in March 2004, and will also launch a new music video under the direction of Nadine Labky. Nancy also denied rumors that she plans on entering the acting world, stressing that at the current time her concentration is for her music, adding that the reason behind her refusal is not due to disagreement with producers over financial matter.  


Nancy is putting last touches on her new album which had been described by her business manager Jiji Lamara as “exceptional work” and many famous composers and poets participated in the album like Tark Abu Joudeh, Mohammed Raheem, Tarek Madkoor, and others.  


After increased complains sent to Egyptian TV , Zeinab Sweidan , head of Egyptian TV decided to omit indecent scenes out of some famous musical video clips. Sweidan revealed that songs would be banned form broadcasting if during the production process they failed to omit seductive scenes out of the Music video.  


The TV censorship committee handed detailed reports to the director of Egyptian TV about songs that should be modified to suit the conservative Egyptian society. Among these songs are Ajram’s songs “Akhasmak Ah” and “Ya Salam”. – 

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