Nancy Ajram's music videos undergo modification in Egypt

Published February 8th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

After increased complains sent to Egyptian TV , Zeinab Sweidan , head of Egyptian TV decided to omit indecent scenes out of some famous musical video clips. Sweidan revealed that songs would be banned form broadcasting if during the production process they failed to omit seductive scenes out of the Music video. 


According to the Qatar based daily, Al Raya, the TV censorship committee handed detailed reports to the director of Egyptian TV about songs that should be modified to suit the conservative Egyptian society. Among these songs are Nancy Ajram’s songs “Akhasmak Ah” “Ya Salam”, and “Agool Ahwak” by Haifa Wahbi.  


The censorship also recommended reconsidering many other songs for prominent Arab singers like Amr Diab, Hani Shaker, Nawal Zogbi, Khaled Ajaj, Rageb Alamah, and Assi Hilani, reasons were too many models in the video clips wearing improper outfits. 


The new series of corrective action is aimed to change the policy on what is appropriate and inappropriate for its viewers. All video clips that would include hot scenes will be banned from broadcasting, and several scenes from other musical video clips will be omitted.  


These procedures came after many complaints by viewers were filed stating that the video clips contain too many seductive scenes and they asked that those video clips be banned. The older generation of singers has also been affected by these new procedures; Samira Saeed's song "Yom Wara Yom" (Day After Day) will have some scenes omitted because it had many seductive scenes according to the standards set by the Egyptian television. The censoring also targeted male singers like Ehab Tawfiq's song "Allah Alek Ya sidi" because models were wearing sexy outfits. In addition, these actions included some songs for Hani shaker, Mohammed Munir, Khaled Ajaj, and Mustafa Amar. – 

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