Nancy and Kathem’s concert along the Northern Shore of Egypt

Published October 5th, 2009 - 01:12 GMT

According to the London daily Elaph, the famous Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram and the famous Iraqi artist Kathem Al Saher both held live celebrations at the Northern Shore in Egypt. The stage was filled with people who came hours before the celebration started. The fans started coming in at 8pm and Nancy went up on stage at 11pm. As soon as she went up on stage Nancy congratulated the fans on the winning of the Egyptian soccer team.


The fans went wild after that they started yelling and cheering especially those who did not know that the Egyptian team had won. The first song that Nancy performed was “Low Sa’altak Inta Masri” (If I Ask You Are Your Egyptian) which made the fans go fanatic where they greatly interacted with it. Nancy then performed for more than a full hour and then she thanked everyone and went down.

 When the presenter of the celebration presented the famous Iraqi artist the fans started screaming even louder. Many members of the Iraqi community that are staying in Egypt made sure to be present at Al Saher’s performance and many of them held the Iraqi flag up high. Al Saher received many presents from his beloved fans where one young guy went up on stage and gave him the Iraqi flag. Al Saher’s only comment was “poor and oppressed Iraq” and to his surprise a young lady from the fans gave him balloons for his birthday. All the fans that were present started singing for him happy birthday.

 It is needless to say that Nancy Ajram received 65 thousand American dollars for her performance and Al Saher received 120 for his performance. Both Nancy and Al Saher had requested private planes because they had other plans to attend to after their performances.

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