Nelly Karim waiting for Hannan Turk to decide

Published June 5th, 2006 - 12:43 GMT

After three months since rehearsals for the play "Al Iskafi Malikan" (The Shoe man a King) stopped due to the leading actor Hannan Turk and her preoccupation with other work, director Khaled Al Jalal has demanded that Hannan makes a final decision on whether she will continue with the cast.


The director has nominated actress Nelly Karim as the first choice if Hannan backs out of her commitment, which is very likely since she is currently shooting three different films.


Jalal reiterated that the opening of the play, (The Shoeman a King), has been delayed and not cancelled. The entire cast is due to return for rehearsals.


The play is the first theatre performance given by Egyptian singer Hisham Abbas, and also stars young Egyptian Riham Abdul Ghafour. The story, written by Yusry Al Jundi, is an adaptation of the popular folktale ‘A thousand and one nights.’


On a similar note, Jalal plans to begin work on a new film “Abqarino” (Genius).  He has nominated Hisham and Muna Shalabi for the leading roles, and the the film will be produced by Issam Imam and directed by Samih Abdul Aziz.

Recently, Nelly denied the existence of disputes between her and actor Mustafa Shabaan.


The two star together in the new film “Fatih Aynak” (Open Your Eyes) along with Khaled Zaki and Yousif Al Sharif. The film was written by Mohammad Hifthi and directed by Othman Abu Laban.


Rumors claim that arguments over the film’s details erupted between the two. Nelly stated that the rumours are false, and that she and Mustafa are on excellent terms, describing him as one of her trusted friends.

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