Nelly Maqdisi defends her clip

Published May 7th, 2008 - 03:48 GMT

Lebanese singer Nelly Maqdisi defended her last two video clips for her songs “Yaeesh Al Hob” (Love Lives) and “Min Doon Ay Aqd” (Without Contract), after critics called them “outrageous.”

  According to the Saudi daily Al Hayat, Nelly asserts the clips are like any other clip aired on Arabic music satellite channels.

 Nelly admits that both clips were daring, but asserts that it was not the first time that she wore a short skirt.  She wore similar designs in her earlier clips.
 Nelly explains that she is comfortable with her femininity and she is not afraid to show her beauty in her clips.


The song “Yaeesh Al Hob” was written by Ahmad Shata, composed by Mahmoud Khayami and directed by Jad Sawaya.

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